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changing seasons


My Friday just got proportionately better! It went from being wonderful to being FABULOUS.

I had just posted the following (see below post):

I’m excited about what is just around the corner – I don’t quite know what that is, but I’m seeing inklings, and it’s fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.

My very specific requests to go part time at the firm after the 1st of the year, plus for time off for some work related training conferences for my other job, were just granted.

WAHOO! This crazy work schedule I’ve been doing for the last seven months is finally coming to a close.

I am thrilled. Very thrilled.

They say nothing worth anything comes easily. Or something like that. ;p And I remember being a young girl and having my mother instruct me that my father put his social life on hold during his twenties in order to pursue med school but the temporary social sacrifice paid off in the end…and his diligence and discipline were rewarded when he became a physician. That instruction has stayed with me throughout life.

People have asked me why I’ve pushed myself so hard to make this career change. I liken it to the above, or to my collegiate career. In order to achieve anything, there are times one must work especially hard, make sacrifices, and take time to prepare. There are reasons for delayed gratification. And there are reasons for giving up my active social life for over half a year, for working crazy hours, being more tired than I would like, for moving from working in the field of law, with a consistent, well-endowed paycheck to going into “ministry” (I put “ministry” in quotes because I don’t see a separation of the secular and sacred) in order that I can work with college students. People invested in me when I was a college student – to be able to invest in students’ lives, and give back what I received so abundantly, is a beating passion of my heart and the pursuit has been worth the sacrifices, both time and financial, that I’ve made.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!


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it’s friday!!!

It’s a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Friday. It’s gorgeous outside. A coworker brought it warm, yummy cinnamon coffee cake for the office. I have a date tonight with my best friend to hang out. Last night, another close friend surprised me with dinner and I was able to spend the evening with her, catching up.

I’m excited about what is just around the corner – I don’t quite know what that is, but I’m seeing inklings, and it’s fabulous. Absolutely fabulous.

Oh, and I absolutely love relationships in which two people are able to be totally and completely honest with each other – that they have that level of trust, love, and care for one another that they can have a rich, reciprocal relationship and dialogue about tough issues, both about each other and the world. I’ve been blessed with a few girlfriends in my life with whom I have that kind of bond/relationship, and it’s an amazing, wonderful, awesome gift to have. And that I have it with more than one person? Priceless. ;p

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i have the best seventeen year old brother in the world.

[exchange through email]

ian: love you

christy:  love you, more.  m*wah!

ian: well i know better than to argue with women.

Hahahahaha.  Not only is he loving, supportive, fabulous, intelligent, kind, strong, creative, funny, and engaging but he’s also WISE!

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Last night, I tossed and turned in bed. I eventually got up, wandered around for a bit, climbed back into bed, tossed and turned some more…then got out of bed, yet again, found a note from my roommate just outside my door which made me smile, went to the kitchen, had a glass of water, climbed back into bed, and continued to be restless.

Turning onto my side, I slipped my hand underneath one of my pillows upon which my head was rested and was startled to feel something cold and scaly…I quickly grabbed it and realized it was…an orange.

I proceeded to burst out laughing, for I realized it was the work of none other than my former roommate Anna, who must have been in the apartment earlier that evening.

We have a long history together; well, I should say, I have a long history of being on the receiving end of many of Anna’s pranks, pranks including desecrating my bed with various objects. One night, I fell into bed exhausted, only to hit my head on a large, hard butternut squash. That was a first.

Another night, I started climbing into bed, exhausted, and slipped my fingers under my pillow while I was turning down the bed sheets and felt something furry…I flung back my pillows only to find a dead skunk in my bed. Yes, a skunk. I screamed bloody murder – enough that Anna and her now-husband, who were outside at the time about a block away, heard me. She had taken a real skunk’s skin and placed it under my pillow, making good her threat of putting “road kill” in my bed.

At my scream, she came running into the house, up the stairs, and started laughing at me, upon which I started to hit her with the skunk skin.

So even though we no longer live together, and I miss her like crazy, she still manages to torment my bed chambers with her “gifts.” Crazy how one lone orange can make you feel right at home.

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changing tastes

Had a couple of paradigm shifts today; it’s been a crazy day. And I’m out in half an hour and on my way to campus.

I have the best seventeen year old brother in the world.

In case anyone was wondering. =)

I’m restless. Here, there, everywhere. It’s a good thing my mind can keep me somewhat active and entertained during office type work…or I’d go nuts. I’m not a good drone.

I want to read the Lord of the Rings next month when I stop working full time here…that would be a delicious treat. Right now, I’m enjoying the occasional dive into A Wrinkle in Time, one of my favorite childhood books.

Sometimes I wonder if I can enjoy some of my childhood loves – my parents were careful not to pick candy-only books but books that would expand my mind, stretch me, teach me, educate me, edify me. But some that I read today…I become bored or impatient with the poor writing.

What I will watch, what I will read, what I will enjoy has definitely changed since my college education – or maybe it has nothing to do with college, persay, but everything to do with growing and changing through life. But what once made me laugh no longer does, what I once thought was great fiction no longer is…what I once enjoyed listening to, I no longer do. This is not to say everything has changed…but, for example: I used to love romantic comedies. Didn’t matter the quality, per say…now, it has to be absolutely the best quality…and even then…I’m a huge critic. Do the characters portray life-like, conflicted, layered souls? Is there character development? Are the emotions and feelings and exchanges believable?

Not only has my taste in movies morphed and changed, but my taste for books, for writing, for music…for food…

Have I been so spoiled by the “great” that I cannot truly, sincerely enjoy the good anymore?


I’m rambling.

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One moment upon another
Amidst a sea of bodies
The comforting hum
Pitter-pattering the senses
Just out of reach
Eighteen minutes
A lifetime passes
Breathe in, breathe out
And then, then, your day is over
You embrace the drive home
Drinking in your freedom

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just sayin’

If someone brought me a hot chocolate or a mocha or anything hot right now, I think I would love them forever.

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