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productive night

full steam ahead


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hum de dum

i see you and i need you (bebo)

[bebo always reminds me of you, anna.  ;) ]

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Being a perfectionist and being meticulous is not always the most helpful when it comes to work.  ;)

Save me from myself!

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come, spring…

i’m so restless today!

waiting for the new day. 


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waiting for eternity

i cannot wait for eternity because then i can actually do the work i want to do – all the time!

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will never have enough “time” this side of eternity. That’s why I’m thrilled that I have all of eternity to continue doing the things I love – to continue learning and reading and enjoying life. To explore and write and dance. To create, to discover, to produce. To rest and to play. To love and to enjoy. I may have only so many years here on earth, and who knows how long I’ve been granted, but I’m not stressed over it, for the things that I don’t accomplish here, I’ll continue to pursue on the other side. (from above linked piece)

it’s not that i don’t like work or working (it’s not as if i want to go on a never-ending vacation – i would be bored within the span of a week) – i just don’t like always having to do what needs to be done. three day weekends would be sublime because then i could more fully attend to the things that are on my agenda, that are important to me – writing that book, writing the articles, doing research, going to school for further education, organizing my house from top to bottom, teaching and creating…

but the time for those things is so limited in the grand scheme of things…so that’s when i find myself dreaming about a sugardaddy (tongue in cheek!) or some great financial windfall that would allow me, not to not work, but rather, to spend my time doing the things that matter to me…rather than those that matter to a world bent on making money. (hello, cynicism!)

yes, i’m an idealist, and yes, i know reality is anything but…but a girl can dream, can’t she?

waiting for that day…

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what’s procrastination?

i blog best when deadlines are looming.

though i cannot say today is a “best” blogging day.  i’m not caving into my great temptation to write like a mad woman on anything but the tasks at hand.  i’m just occasionally writing snippets.

i have a full weekend ahead of me.

i think we should have three day weekends. 

jan krist’s music is fabulous.

i still have me, ahem, three trees with white lights on them set up. (they are no longer “christmas” trees – they are…”winter trees.”  named “the henries” in honor of the original henry.  i should come up with individual names for henry’s spawn.

i have a very understanding roommate who has allowed me to keep my eccentricities.  though i wonder if i can keep them up until at least april…hopefully, becca, you’ll skip over this post and your passivity will be taken as a “yes.”


i’m easily distracted today.  what’s wrong with me? !

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here, there, everywhere

i have brilliant friends; whether they know this or not doesn’t really matter – but after exchanging ideas with them, especially in the areas i’m supposedly “good at” i feel like an idiot.  *grin*

someone had better not be praying for humility for me.  ;p  that’s all i can say.  (whenever my mother does, i have the worst weeks in the department of humiliation. wink.)

the kettle is whistling.

and i have another six hours of work at least.  hmm…winter is a good time for hibernation i’ve decided and bunkering down to get a lot of work done.

though today, i still just wann play hooky.

oh, the keattle…

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