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authentic community

Met with two of my student leaders last night – male and female – we’re leading one of the eight small groups on our campus (they got relegated to be co-leaders with the staffworker, haha)…

During the course of the hang out (the desired purpose to get to know each other better…), the following was directed towards me…

“When you lead, you’ve got a game face.”
“You like to be in control.”
“What intimidates you about a man?”
“How does a man approach Christy if he’s interested in her?”
“Older, younger?”
“What do you say about me when I’m not there?”

It’s not going to be a boring year, that’s for sure…both of them are going to keep me on my toes. ;) I’m excited, though. They’re fabulous individuals.

I train students and talk about authentic community quite often – being real with each other, not wearing masks with each other, etc…and my students really make me proud in that area – their community on campus is vibrant, real, deep and still growing. They just sometimes ask me to live out what I preach at the most unexpected times, haha, and they dig into my life. Striking the balance between authentic realness and being a leader who cannot always get into the details is always an organic, sometimes messy, ever-changing process.

The leaders I respect are the ones who wear their flaws on their sleeves, who don’t pretend to have it together, who are real. That’s always my hope with students – that I would be accessible and just…seen as a real human being. I just sometimes find myself in “staff” mode…and when you have 80 or more people vying for your time and attention, you do learn at times to put up walls and carve out necessary boundaries. Learning when to take them down and sometimes moving back and forth from “leader” whose job it is to equip and motivate a lot of individuals to simply “Christy” is a nuanced art and takes quite a bit of skill.

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To all the boys who want to have their cake and eat it, too…

I’m not for consumption
I won’t be your balm
Your rationality
Your wisdom
Your hope
Your comfort
Your shoulder to cry on
Your emotional support
Your best friend
Twice removed.
I won’t be your dumping ground
Your punching bag
Your go-to girl.
I won’t be the one you compare every girl to
And the one you run every one by.
I won’t be the one who calls you out
And tells you like it is
I won’t be your spare tire
Your back up plan
Your rainy day friend
Your platonic date.
Your argumentative buddy
Your movie friend…
I won’t be your cake.

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thorn in the side…

Doing what I love, in the season that I love.  Life is good.

I wish I didn’t have this cold but it seems God allows me to have some sort of ailment or issue at each major season…just when I think I’ll be able to take it to the next level because I have a lot of dreams or ideas or inspiration, I get “hampered” – either by sickness or other circumstances, so I’m never fully operating at full capacity.  I have a sneaking suspicion God allows that to keep me humble and super reliant upon Him.   I also get frustrated because I think “Things could be so much better if only…” but I must be content with what I can do and what He does with that, as it is.

And so here, again…I enter into this season with a cold.

Let the trusting begin!

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Home after a long weekend upnorth…fighting off a cold – last week, a student placed his cup near mine, I drank it, and he warned me he had a cold; I knew I’d come down with it because I was in super busy mode…and sure enough…I came down with it over the weekend.  Pretty miserable but just your average cold…enough to annoy and mess with clarity of mind…but not much more.

I’ll have a 24 Hour prayer event in my home starting tomorrow to kick off the new semester – I’ll be in and out all day running meetings with students but others will be praying.

Hard to believe the summer is over.

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